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AEG King Arms FN P90R Tactical

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Deskripsi AEG King Arms FN P90R Tactical

Quick Overview

– Name FN P90RTactical
– Code KA-AG-93-BK
– Weight w/o magazine 2230 g
– Overall length 505 mm
– Barrel length 255 mm
– Main material Zinc Alloy, Nylon Fiber
– Color Black
– Caliber 6mm BBs
– Method of operation Electric Power
– Battery type KA 9.6V Mini Type Battery
– Fire mode Safe / Single / Full-Auto
– Gearbox Ver. 6 9 mm Bearing Gearbox
– Muzzle velocity 340-390 fps
366 fps (Canada version)
Lower than 0.98J (Italy / Japan version)

The FN P90R Tactical is a Personal Defense Weapon which was created for close combat situations. The cocking handle, magazine catch and fire selector were designed to be ambidextrous operated. It equipped with two side mil-spec rails and top rail for mounting red dot sight or other aiming system. There is a build-in adjustable iron sight on the top rail and two fixed backup iron sights on both sides of the optical sight base. A 9mm bearing gearbox is used for this rifle. The quick spring change designed gearbox helps to replace the spring and adjust the shooting power easily. Package comes with 300 rounds magazine.

Harga 4.500.000

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