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AimTop M4 RIS Full Metal

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Deskripsi AimTop M4 RIS Full Metal

To get access to the system Hop-Up, pull the handle to lock the back – in the ejection of scales will be released knob.

Third generation replicas Aim Top has gained a lot especially inside; We used many enhanced features, including rack, spring, 8 mm bearing, metal Ball-spring guide, reinforced piston and piston head and cylinder head. All of these components provided in the reinforced backbone GearBox version II. The whole is driven by a very strong engine Magnum (with CE standard). Precision barrel 6,03mm provides a very good focus. The replica is compatible with parts from other manufacturers in the standard Tokyo Marui. Replica passed factory tuning so that the initial velocity of the ball is 0.20 g> 450 FPS. Rechargeable mini (not included) is now a bed rifle.

Included with the magazine receive a replica of Hi-Cap with a capacity of 300 balls.

Gearbox: Version II, 8 mm bearings, spring M120
Engine: Magnum CE
Velocity: 450 – 480 FPS (0.20 g)
Battery: mini (not included)
Magazine: hi-cap (300 balls)
Hop-Up: Yes, regulated

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