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G&P Auto Electric Gun-076 – DE

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Deskripsi G&P Auto Electric Gun-076 – DE

Product Brand: G&P
Product Code: GP-AEG076DE
Weight: 2,925 g
Length: 797 mm
Capacity: 130 rds
Power: 440 fps
Battery Size: 7.4v with Large Deans
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto

G&P are trying to keep up to date with their M4 AEGs and the AEG-72 is, without a doubt, one of the most stylish replicas out there. They’re trying to keep up with the current trend and everyone is following the real steel LVOA rail system, so you can expect to see the wire cutter rail system. Taking that into account, as it is a 16 inch rail system, this wont’ be a suitable choice when it comes to CQB games. It also clocks in at a round 440 fps which is way too high. Therefore, this is for outdoor games. You can change the spring if you want to take it to a CQB game though.

G&P have released a M4 Keymod Wire Cutter Rail System allowing room for ample amounts of accessories ranging from scopes, sights, grips, panels, etc. You can compliment the weapon further by using only low and mid cap magazines to avoid the slow-winding nature of hi-caps. You can customize the ergonomics to better suit your tastes; you can swap out the furniture for colored variants and add the same color rail covers to the front end to dual-tone your weapon.

Magazine Capacity: 130
Length: 698mm
Built Material: Metal & ABS
Muzzle Velocity: 440fps
Gearbox: Version 2
Battery: Advise using 7.2v . Not Included.
G&P MOTS 16 inch Keymod (Wire Cutter Design)
G&P MOTS Navy Seal Tactical Body
M16 Magazine (130rds) (GP094)
Flip up Front & Rear Sight
Ball Ball Grip
G&P Mod Buttstock

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