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WE Apache MP5K

Ditambahkan pada: 26 Oktober 2016 / Kategori:
Berat : 5 kg
Stok : Ready Stock
Dilihat : 1314 kali
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Rp 5.800.000
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Deskripsi WE Apache MP5K

• Solid construction 1:1 scale model
• High quality stamped metal receiver
• Durable Nylon fiber frame
• Featured “Bolt-Stop” action
• Featured “Empty-Chamber-Stop-firing” action
• Ambidextrous fire control mode selector
• Four fire control mode: Safety / Single/ Burst /Automatic
• Adjustable front and rear sight.
• Heavy weight model at 3.2kg
• Heavy-kick Blowback

Item Weight(gram): 3200g
Major Color: Black
Over all length: 328mm
Barrel Length: 97mm
Blow Back: Yes
Hop-up: Adjustable
Shooting Mode: Safety / Single/ Burst /Automatic
Magazine Capacity: 30 Rounds
Bullet Type: 6mm BB
Power Source: Gas
Power (Muzzle Velocity): 320FPS with 0.2g bb
Accessories: 1 x MP5K magazine, 1 x barrel nut wrench, 1x bb loading tube

The MP5K is the ultimate close-quarters weapon. Created for use in very confined spaces, it is optimally suited both for active engagement of individual targets, and for personal defense. With its low weight and compact size, it offers a decisive advantage: The weapon can be carried concealed on the person without limiting the carrier‘s freedom of movement.

WE-Tech Apache MP5K GBB (WE MP5K). This is a replica of the MP5K model from WE-Tech. This is a heavy weight and solid construction 1:1 scale model, WE-Tech produces a high quality stamped metal upper receiver and a durable nylon fiber frame as well as the fore-grip. More than that, it also features an adjustable front and rear sight for more fun!

It’s a model full of fun, not only with its 328fps shooting power and adjustable hop-up. WE MP5K performs a realistic field strip procedure, you can clean and repair your gun easily by stripping down the pins and major parts. For added realism, welding marks go through all of the upper receiver and the bolt carrier, and there are “bullet markings” on both sides of the fiber frame too. The WE MP5K also features an ambidextrous fire mode selector with four fire control mode: Safety / Single/ Burst /Automatic.

WE delivers a new action design on this GBB model, this is the first “Empty-Chamber-Stop-Firing” MP5K GBB model in the world, which means the hammer will release after the last BB shoots out from the chamber. The idea is to simulate the real gun action and at the same time keep the hammer spring and all the internal parts more durable. The magazine of the MP5K is a one-piece molding construction, built for a better air seal and higher shooting performance. Each magazine can carry up to 30rds BB. There is an on/off lever on the magazine for user to switch on/off the “stop firing” function.

With its realistic strip down procedure, a shooting power of about 1 Joule and with such a short barrel (97mm) this is a model which is full of fun and ready for combat. The burst mode is one of the key features of this model. Suggest using together with WE MP5 (long) magazine to experience a better performance on burst/automatic firing mode.

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